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Top Ten This Month!
#1- Fusion Cash
#2- MemoLink

#3- Panda Research
#4- MyPoints

#5- Treasure Trooper
#6- Cash Crate
#7- GlobalTestMarket

#8- Surveys4ProfitFree Money at FusionCash!

Welcome To My personal legit paid surveys website, for everything about legitimate paid online surveys. I've laid everything out for you. Chances are, you are here because you want to learn the tips and tricks to make money with truly legit paid surveys and have no clue which places haveones that are high paying. Don't worry, though, becasue 90% of us fell into this category at one time. CLICK HERE to head right on over to my free Top 10 List if that's what you're here for.

Come back for my regular blog updates on tons of new money making techniques I run across. Rest assured, I have weeded out the useless scam sites and I have ONLY listed the legitimate paid online surveys that I have personally joined and have made money from. The top site by FAR has been Fusion Cash (click to join absolutely free) . I rake in an average of well over $500 monthly (and growing)with them and I want to share the money making survey secrets with you. If you don't believe me, take a look at my banner 2 paragraphs down, which is hosted on Fusion Cash's own website, so I have no way of altering it. It's 100% truthful. I struggled long enough trying to make money on the Net and I don't want you to have to do the same thing. It's your turn to see exactly which places have legitimate paid online surveys that pay very handsomly

How was I able to find these great websites? Well, I will tell you right now, so that you can use this little trick in the future. Here it is...I used forums. Yes, forums. The bigger they are, the more valuable they will be for you. Since the forum is big, you can pretty much guess that they are well run and honest, or else people would flock away from them, right? Well, all you do is slide into their archives and pull up every single past topic they've ever had about legit paid surveys. Heck, just look for the subject in general, becausee you'll get more topics to look through. Everybody and their mother has shared their input here and all of the spam and dishonest stuff is always taken out by moderators, so you are rarely mislead!

By the way, the constantly updating image below is a running total of some of my FusionCash earnings (which is #1 on this list)...You can do it, too, just by doing surveys and getting your friends to join. No money is lost by any friends you refer, ever! Plus, YOU get a $5 sign-up bonus when you join, all 100% free. It's number one on my list of legitimate paid online sureys for a very good reason...Awesome Money.

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Top Ten This Month!
#1- Fusion Cash
#2- MemoLink

#3- Panda Research #4- MyPoints
#5-Treasure Trooper
#6- Cash Crate
#7- GlobalMarket

#8- Surveys4Profit

Remember, don't just settle for a couple!
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